Index to Christianity on the Web

* Dial The Truth Ministries - Electronic tracts, statement of faith, and Gospel presentation highlight this page.
* Elevation Church
* Radio Bible Class Ministries - Helpful ministry materials.
* Sons of Light
* Grace Fellowship


* A Top Ten Christmas at Peggie's Place!
* Christmas in Cyberspace - A guide to the best Christian Christmas resources on the Web.
* Tagalog Christmas Carols
* Christmas Decorations
* The Best Holiday - Christmas

Commercial Sites

* Armageddon Books - Armageddon Books is an online catalog featuring over 200 books, videos, and charts on Bible Prophecy.
* Cleaford Puppets - Hand made wide-mouth puppets for evangelism, all-age worship, school assemblies and fun
* Cleaford Puppet Scripts - Scripts for use with hand made wide-mouth puppets in evangelism, all-age worship, school assemblies and fun
* Cleaford Puppet Workshops- Workshops on puppets and visuals in church and school
* Pilgrim Publications - Featuring Original Unabridged Works of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
* Rare Christian Books - We specialize in the Good Old Classic Christian Books(many out-of-print), Tracts and Tapes that focus on the victorious Christian life in Christ.
* Triangle Press - They have a daily devotional and are a publisher of conservative Christian children's books; and books for the family and the scholar alike.
* The Truth Is... A Spiritual Philosophy - A poetic book of prophecy that explains the reasons for the events that must soon take place.
* The Last Hour - End-times prophecy fiction. The setting is Daniel's 70th week and the characters are a talk-radio host, a power hungry first lady and pope.
* Who God Is - Unique site offers a book with historical evidence concerning God, Jesus and salvation. A site with answers that have and will lead one to Christ.


* Answers In Genesis - (Ken Ham/Gary Parker) Spreading the truths of the book of Genesis.
* Bible and Science
* Center for Scientific Creation - Research the origins of humankind.
* Christian Geology Ministry - Using Science, Logic, and the King James Bible to MORE PERFECTLY Interpret the Genesis Narratives and the Earth's Geology
* Creation Science (New Jersey Group)
* Institute for Creation Research - A Christ focused creation ministry.
* The Revolution Against Evolution - An organization dedicated to answering the tough questions concerning science and the Bible. Contains an easy to read refutation of the theory of evolution and a defense of the Bible as God's Word.


* Trivium Education
* Top Christian Homeschool Curriculum


* Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
* BreakPoint - with Charles Colson
* Campus Crusade for Christ
* Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada
* The Christian Broadcasting Network
* Crown Financial Ministries - Dedicated to teaching financial faithfulness
* Eagle Forum - Phyllis Schlafly
* Fellowship of Christian Athletes - For more than 40 years, FCA has been focused on one purpose ... to preent to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in the relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
* Family Research Council
* Focus on the Family - James Dobson
* Grace to You - Great Bible teaching by John MacArthur, printed resources, and free tapes!
* Institute in Basic Life Principles
* In Touch Online - Dr. Charles Stanley
* Insight for Living - Chuck Swindoll
* The International Bible Society
* Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - A trans-denominational campus ministry whose vision is to build collegiate fellowships.
* Living Way Ministries - Pastor Jack Hayford
* Midnight Cry Ministries.
* The Navigators
* Prison Fellowship Ministries
* The Rutherford Institute - (John Whitehead) A law organization which specializes in the defense of religious liberty and human rights.
* Trinity Broadcasting Network
* David Wilkerson's WWW Site- The Times Square Church

On-Line Publications

* A Closer Look - News and reviews of the latest in Christian Books, Music and more.
* A New Man magazine - The official magazine of the Promise Keepers
* Archeology Magazine: An Official Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America
* Best-Selling Christian Books
* Classic Christian Electronic Books
* Charisma
* Christian Computing Magazine
* Christianity Today Magazine
* Contra Mundum - A Reformed Cultural View
* Daily Wisdom - Online devotional
* God's Got A Better Idea
* Good News, Etc. - San Diego County's Christian Newspaper
* Guideposts - Possibly the most popular inspirational magazine in the world.
* Jerusalem Post Newspaper
* Our Daily Bread The online version of the popular daily devotional
* Today in the Word
* Way of Life Literature Home Page- The web site for Way of Life Literature
* Worldwide Challenge Magazine- The award-winning be-monthly publication of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Recovery Resources

* ADD News For Christian Families - A newsletter devoted to Attention Deficit Disorder written from a Christian perspective.
* Alcoholics Victorious
* Christians in Recovery - Dedicated to mutual sharing of strength and hope as we live each day in recovery.
* Christian Resources About Homosexuality and AIDS
* Good News for Sexual Addiction - A Christian Resource of help for the Sexually Addicted in the Northeast Georgia and Chattanooga Areas (and soon the World)
* Mastering Life Ministries - Learn how to redemptively respond to friends and loved ones who are trapped in sexual sin or brokenness.
* Sex Addiction Recovery Resources / Heart to Heart - professional telephone counseling,books etc.

Seventh Day Adventist

* United Church of God


* Cyberspace Ministry - A Christian company distributing at no charge its own software for IBM computers and compatibles.
* HERMENEUTIKA Computer Bible Research - Publisher of Bible Works
* Logos Research Systems - Publisher of Logos 2.0
* Parsons Technology - Publisher of Quick Verse.
* Word Microsystems - Word Microsystems sells and distributes Christian Software at discount prices, particularly Bible Study, Church Management and Christian Counseling Software.
* Zondervan Publishing House- Publisher of Bible Source for Windows, NIV Bible Study Edition

Web Tools

* WebTools from Data Synthesis

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Web Hosting and Web Site Creation

* Global Virtual Opportunities
* Data Synthesis - Web site creation and hosting services.

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