Pro-Life Resources on the Web

* A History of Operation Rescue - Includes large resource of pro-life materials.
* - Internet Adoption Photolisting of children available for international adoption as well as a collection of adoption information and links for adoptive parents.
* Adoption Resources - Assistance, Information and Support.
* American Life League
* Bethany Christian Services
* Catholics United for Life
* Christian World Adoption - One of the largest international adoption agnecies in the US with programs in 6 countries. We are looking for good homes for God's children.
* Compassion Pregnancy Center - Women helping women thru unexpected pregnancies, with the love of Christ.
* Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online
* Evil in Our Time - An Essay on Abortion by Larry Bohannon
* Hannah's Prayer - Support for families facing infertility or the death of a child at any time from conception through early infancy - ectopic, miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS.
* Heritage House 76 - Now over 300 Pro-Life items: Precious Feet, jewelry, books, videos, literature, bumper stickers, fair supplies and more. Low quantity prices, fast service.
* Human Life International
* National Right to Life
* ProLife Articles - Lots of great articles including a history of Operation Rescue.
* Pro-Woman, Pro-Life - Another great site brought to you by Carolyn Gargaro.
* Republican National Coalition - RNC/Life will continue to work to protect and defend the Republican Party's principled commitment to legal protection for all innocent human beings, from conception until natural death.
* Right to Life of Michigan


* Eugenics - Wikipedia
* A History of the Eugenics Movement
* The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics
* America’s Disturbing History of Eugenics
* Margaret Sanger Founder of Planned Parenthood In Her Own Words
* Darwinism and the American Eugenics Movement
* The Negro Project
* Image Archive on American Eugenics Movement
* Eugenics Today: How Vaccines Are Used to Sterilize the Masses



The following links are not Christian sites but are included here for the brave to explore the dark side of human nature.

* Abortion.Com
* NARAL Pro-Choice America
* NOW's Reproductive Issues Page
* Planned Parenthood

I don't necessarily agree with everything found on these pages nor are you likely to agree with everything either. These links are provided for your reference only and to inspire further study.

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