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"There are some people God has called to evangelism, and theyre doing a wonderful job, having results. Thats great. ... God wanted us to do something else. So we got into the area of challenging people, and our ministry basically happens offstage one-on-one when we talk with people. Its very subtle, but Gods doing a work! Its entertainment, its fun, its a concert--its all those things--but at a subtle, deeper level, it touches peoples hearts" (TERRY TAYLOR OF THE DANIEL AMOS BAND, cited by Dan and Steve Peters, What about Christian Rock, p. 109).

"I love to hear the music playing slow or fast ... Dont stop, dont stop the music, play it in your own way. . . . I hear dissenting voices quick to disagree. But Im on a music mission; they dont bother me. Ill sing those songs that set me free. Cause kids want to rock" (ED DEGARMO AND DANA KEY, "Dont Stop the Music ," Streetlight, Benson Publications, 1986, p. 24). "You now have songs about pain and death and divorce and sex and relationships and everything that every one of us goes through, whereas at one time contemporary Christian music only talked about the death and resurrection of Christ. Were much more in touch with ourselves and our neighbors, which is the whole idea behind Christ in the first place" (MELISSA HELM OF MYRRH RECORDS, Music Line magazine, June 1986, p. 4).

In Greebville Seminary Conference on Worship Taylors of South Carolina said "last thirty years or so have seen the most dramatic and speedy changes in Protestant worship in any time since the Reformation. Surely the principal mark and symbol of that change is the change in the music of the church. The development of what has come to be called Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) has become an amazingly widespread phenomenon". Due to the rise of Pentecostalism there is some dramatic change in development of CCM.

Contemporary Christian Music is pop/rock version of Christian Music with lyrics based on Christian Faith. Contemporary Christian Music became more popular in 1980s with Music of Christian Music Artist Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. Millions of copies of there album were sold worldwide. Download Christian Music Video, Video Tapes, Christian TV Shows, Christian MTV Shows and Christian Music Videos By 1990s there were many new Christian Music styles such as Hip hop, metal, punk and alternative styles of Christian Music.

Christian Music Artists like Lost Dogs, Joy Electric and Star flyer 59 were against the new styles of Contemporary Christian Music and they continued to create and compile Original Christian Music. Due to tunes and melodies of Christian Music melodies, it is considered as Traditional art. Russian Christian Music is one of those few music which doesnt use any instruments in it, It is sang by choir without background music and Catholic masses in catholic church still perform Bach organ music which were created long time ago.

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* Carman Ministries - For over 26 years, Carman has entertained, encouraged and preached the Gospel to millions-crossing denominational, cultural and ethnic lines. During this time, he has never compromised the call to take the Gospel to every person. This vision still remains the hallmark of his life and ministry.
YouTubeCarman Video from YouTube
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* Jeffrey Craig Fenholt - This website is dedicated to Jeff Fenholt
* Gospel Sermons and Hymns - Hymns in MIDI format. You can play MIDI hymn files on your computer using any device with MIDI capability, e.g. Windows Media Player, Creative Play Center, Musicmatch Jukebox, WinAmp, etc. For a low-tech solution, you can record them directly onto cassette tape through your sound card's 'stereo out' jack (most sound cards have one). Then put the tape in your stereo or boombox and play it at the worship service.
* Kim Hill - "Worship is my the craziness of my life, whether it's in real crisis or the ‘fire drill’ of getting my boys to school in the morning, focusing on the Lord through worship helps keep everything in perspective." -Kim Hill
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Rich Mullins
In Memory of Rich Mullins

October 21, 1955 - September 19, 1997

*New Song Music - A unique contemporary Christian record label with an eclectic mix of styles for worship and listening. Featuring the music of Loren Sandford.
* NewSong Online - The Contemporary Christian's source for MIDI, Video, MP3s, Music Comparisons, Articles, Awards,& stuff for the whole family!
* Prophetic Heart Records/Ministries - Contemporary Christian Music Artists, Praise Band and Christian Music Publishing: Michael D. Kay, Concert Pianist; Sandi Lewis, Inspirational Vocalist; and Larry & Kim Harrison, Duet
* Paul Todd - A new Adult contemporary Christian Artist. Wrote the Make A Wish Foundation theme song. Summer tour raised $70,000 for upper midwest flood relief.
* Uturn Music Group - Ready for some non Compromising Christian Artists. Get ready for the Uturn Music Group.

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