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Homosexuality as a Civil Right


By Vic Bilson
Jeremiah Project

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Organization of Women, and the Democratic Party, serve to advance the homosexual agenda in American society. And while many of the people in the media are not personally homosexuals, they do believe that the cause of homosexuality should be advanced as a civil right.("Dannemeyer Seeks Christian Values in Government," Christian American, May/June 1992).

President Clinton promised homosexual and lesbian groups support for a national gay rights law which would make homosexuality a constitutionally protected civil right. Such a law could give homosexuals, pedophiles, and sado-masochists the same preferred standing at law that is now enjoyed by blacks, Hispanics, women, and the physically handicapped. They want to give a man who marries another man the same rights as a husband and wife and make it illegal for churches and other religious groups to "discriminate" against homosexuals in their hiring practices.

Liberals and homosexual groups have been pushing through Congress so-called "Hate Crimes" legislation that expands the current definition of hate crimes to include offenses based on sexual orientation, gender and disability.

The influential homosexual newspaper, the Washington Blade, reported that Clinton's first priority was to pass laws that will protect homosexuals from hiring practices. The Lesbian and Gay Advocacy Project to Reelect Bill Clinton and Al Gore said, "He is the first President to be personally and publicly committed to the principles of equality and acceptance for gays and lesbians. He has done so many things to make our lives better, safer, and more secure."



 Warm greetings to all those participating in the 1997 Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration.

 Throughout America's history, we have overcome tremendous challenges by drawing strength from our great diversity. We must never believe that our diversity is a weakness. The talents, contributions, and goodwill of people from so many different back-grounds enriched our national life and have enabled us to fulfill our common hopes and dreams. As we stand at the dawn of a new century, we all must rededicate ourselves to reaching the vital goals of acceptance and inclusion. America's continued success will depend on our ability to understand, appreciate, and care for one another.
 We're not there yet, and that is why our efforts to end discrimination lesbians and gay men are so important. Like each of you, I remain dedicated to ending discrimination and preserving the civil rights of every citizen in our society. We have begun to wage an all-out campaign against hate crimes in America -- crimes that are often viciously directed at gay men and lesbians. I have also endorsed and fought for civil rights legislation that would protect gay and lesbian Americans from discrimination. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act now being considered in Congress would put an end to discrimination gay men and lesbians in the workplace -- discrimination that is currently legal in 39 states. These efforts reflect our belief in the right of every American to be judged on his or her merits and abilities, and to be allowed to contribute to society without facing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. And they reflect our ongoing fight against bigotry and intolerance in our country and in our hearts.
 My Administration's record of inclusiveness is a strong one, but it is a record to build on. I am proud of the many openly gay men and lesbians who serve with distinction in my Administration, and their impact will continue to be significant in the years ahead. I pledge to you that I will continue striving to foster compassion and understanding, working not simply to tolerate our differences, but to celebrate them.

Best wishes for a memorable celebration.
(Signed) Bill Clinton

Undoubtedly a national gay rights law would take precedence over first amendment religious freedom, as a local gay rights ordinance took precedence in Washington, D.C., over the deeply held religious views of the Roman Catholic authorities at Georgetown University, who were forced to give standing and subsidies to homosexual student groups. Passage of this Act would bar employers from any job-related action against an employee because of their sexual preference or conduct, even when that conduct violates state law, an employer's conscience, company policy, or all three.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, was introduced into the US congress in 1994 and reintroduced in 1995 with the support of President Clinton. It was again reintroduced in 1996 and actually made it to a Senate vote where it was narrowly defeated 49 to 50. A slightly modified form of the ENDA bill was again introduced in 1997 where Republican leaders have vowed to not bring the bill to the house floor for a vote. Bills were again introduced into both the House and Senate in 1999; none made it into law. Senator Ted Kennedy re-introduced the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in 2002 - the Senate adjourned before voting on the bill.

In Colorado, the majority of voters approved a law banning special rights and legal privilges for people based on their sexual behavior - but six Supreme Court justices overthrew the will of the people.

In California, AB257/S257 sailed-through the legislative processes establishing physically-impossible quotas for homosexual-behaviorists in California businesses, charity organizations, schools, and religious institutions. It took a veto by Governor Pete Wilson to stop it.

The homosexual rights movement wants more than "tolerance." Its final goal is for homosexuality to be considered acceptable and normal. These folks will not stop until they have been granted all the rights and benefits of traditional married couples. They seek to redefine the family in order to "legitimize" their relationships. Homosexuals first plan to gain legal rights as married couples through "domestic partnership" laws, and then to seek state-sanctioned marriages and the right to adopt children. (Rebecca Hagelin, "The Family Battleground," Christian American, May/June 1992.)

While homosexual activists see themselves as fighting for equal rights, what is at stake is ''special rights.'' Roy Schmidt, city commissioner of Grand Rapids, Michigan, voted against an ordinance adding gays to the existing civil rights code. He insists, ''I have no problem with the gay community or gay people. My beliefs aren't based on bigotry or ignorance. But you could take it further and say fat people, prostitutes or left-handed people deserve their own protections.'' Like many people who regard themselves as unprejudiced, Schmidt sees gay rights as a threat to traditional families. ''The core family unit already has enough problems. I don't want my three sons to think that the gay life-style is acceptable.'' If his children turned out gay, he adds, ''I would never disown or break away from them. But I would try to have them mend their ways.''

The "acceptance" demanded is not forgiveness, but approval. Sodomites and those who plead in their favor constantly call for "acceptance." Some who have given the homosexual spokespersons the benefit of the doubt think they are talking about being forgiven of their sin and accepted on the basis on repentance. This is not what they mean! The "acceptance" they demand is not that we accept them as penitent, forgiven sinners. It is not forgiveness they seek, or even compromise. No! What they want is - the acceptance of approval. They demand churches drop the "sin" label, and adopt the "alternate life style" description.

  • A Mississippi gay man filed suit in federal court against the Oxford University Press demanding both $45 million in damages and the immediate deletion of all scripture verses describing homosexuality as sinful. Joel Ford claims, "This book of hearsay has abused and oppressed me and my people, the Afro-Americans, and my gay and lesbian sisters and brothers." Ford said, The Bible abused and oppressed me when it said homosexuality is a sin, because I was born a homosexual."
  • In Minneapolis, the Hennepin County jail will not allow volunteer religious groups to tell inmates that homosexuality is a sin. Officials say they are enforcing the county's "diversity" in sexual orientation policy.

The Christian position is clear: Homosexuality is an abomination, and we do not teach "tolerance" of a perverse criminal behavior, any more than we would teach "tolerance" of child abuse, pedophilia, rape, murder, cocaine dealing or embezzlement. While Christians may hate the sin... they continue to love the sinner and offer a message of hope for a healthier lifestyle.

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