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Goals 2000: Educate America Act

From their inception in the late 19th century, strong public schools were a cornerstone of our evolving democracy. They enabled the successful assimilation of several generations of immigrants, providing a portal to the American Dream for one and all.

The educational philosophy of Goals 2000 is one of indoctrination, rather than education, and discourages the teaching of basic skills, according to its critics.

Beverly LaHaye, president of Concerned women for America, says that Goals 2000 will allow for school sex clinics, including abortion related services, mental health counselors for even young children, on-site nurseries for children of teen parents and government-run, parent re-education programs, and multicultural programs. 

In Massachusetts, a recent grade school class began their school year with lectures about the "normal" and "acceptable" practices of homosexuality... lectures given, no less, by homosexual teachers.

Public schools across the nation, who do not permit its students to wear a cross or speak the name of Jesus, will require students to attend an intensive three week course on Islam; a course in which students are mandated to learn the tenets of Islam, study the important figures of the faith, wear a robe, adopt a Muslim name and stage their own Jihad.

Goals 2000 is a national strategy to "reinvent from scratch the American school" and will directly impact the family. Goals 2000 - a $420 million education reform proposal - passed the House in October 1993 and the Senate in February 1994. With the passage of "Goals 2000" the federal government will now take a more active role in public schools. "Goals 2000 will actually mean massive control over education that will supersede state and local education requirements," says Brannon Howse, president of the Traditional Family Institute and author of Cradle to College. The bill will establish a national panel (National Education Standards and Improvement Council) to oversee the adoption of academic standards by states and will provide money for states to create and carry out plans for students to meet those standards. NESIC will have a broad range of powers which may enable it to implement national testing, national curriculum, uniform material requirements for schools and uniform instruction. Although Education Secretary Richard Riley says the standards will be "voluntary," you can be sure that the federal government will yield a great deal of power over local public schools to adopt the "voluntary" standards, punishing those that don't by withholding federal funds. Federal money will be tied to compliance with federal regulation through what it calls "opportunity-to-learn standards."

Education spending and SAT test scores
Average per pupil
expenditure in constant 1993 dollars
1963-64 $2,031 478 502 980
1982-83 $4,077 426 467 893
1992-93 $5,296 423 476 899
Sources: General Accounting Office report and U.S. Statistical Abstract

Since 1965, per-capita expenditures by public schools have risen more than 200% (in 1993 dollars) while student achievement has declined.

American public school students score well behind those from other industrialized counties in science and math, yet think their knowledge in these areas is more than adequate.

The federalization of the nation's public schools is a giant step toward a managed economy - socialism.

Americans Go To War for Their Schools

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Trashed America

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