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Trashed America  

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Monsanto Coverup

Leading the battle to destroy the First Amendment and creating a propaganda empire are multi-national corporations who require compliant citizens in order to accomplish their goals. Monsanto started as a chemical company that brought the world poisons like Agent Orange and Roundup. Today, Monsanto controls and dominates much of the food industry owning nearly 90% of staple GMO crops such as corn, soy, and cotton.

Monsanto Muzzles Coverage

The Corporation: Unsettling Accounts

In 1996 Monsanto was able to censor the Fox News organization (WTVT/Fox 13 in Tampa, Florida) from reporting on the harmful effects of BGH (bovine growth hormone) on humans. The report was canceled, and the investigative reporters were fired, after Fox received threatening letters from Monsanto’s attorney promising “dire consequences” if the series aired. The reporters who had created the series later testified that they were offered hush money to leave the station and never speak about the story again. They declined.

Monsanto markets a BGH product by the trade name of Posilac that is administered to cows by injection and used to increase milk production.

In 2003, an appeals court reversed an earlier unanimous Florida court decision that determined that Fox "acted intentionally and deliberately to falsify or distort the plaintiffs' new reporting on BGH."

The appeals court decision was on the basis that FCC policies on news agencies reporting the truth did not legally require the station to report the truth in a news story, as FCC policies are not law. Read that previous sentence again! The court ruled...

News agencies are NOT required to report the TRUTH in a news story.

That ruling should send chills down your spine!

Learn more about Fox/BGH lawsuit here.

Your Milk on Drugs - Just Say No

Monsanto's product, Posilac, is illegal in virtually every developed country with the exception of the United States and is hidden in much of the milk sold. Furthermore, Monsanto will spend whatever money it takes and exert its immense political influence to keep the facts from the public.

Jeffrey M. Smith’s film, Your Milk on Drugs - Just Say No, includes footage from the four-part news series prepared for the Tampa-based Fox TV station WTVT, originally scheduled to air in 1997. The film, which was produced by the Institute for Responsible Technology, is available for free on their website, and is part of the bonus material in the US DVD release of the acclaimed feature-length documentary, The World According to Monsanto.

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Trashed America

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